9 Reasons for Renting a Home over a Condo at the Beach

There are many benefits to renting a home over a condo while vacationing at the beach. More space, less noise, and better access to the beach are just a few. Read on to learn why you should rent a home over a condo on your next vacation this year.

More space...inside

When renting a home over a condo, you have more space to stretch out. Condos tend to be cramped spaces with only a few bedrooms. A home can have three, four, or more bedrooms for all guests to stay. Usually, the kitchen and living areas are bigger, too.

More space...outside

Condos don’t have yards. If anything, you only get a porch. A home generally has at least some outdoor space. Play cornhole, cook the BBQ, and/or sip and drink in the yard of the home.

Easier beach access

Depending on where the home sits, you may have beachfront access through the back deck. Condos don’t have this luxury. Most have a back patio to sit, but they don’t have direct access to the beach like a home does.

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Fit more people

Homes fit more people than condos. Our home, 6 Iron Clad, sleeps 17 people. If you need lots of space, we have it!

It's quieter

A home is more spread out away from condos. You don’t have to hear your neighbors on the other side of the wall. A home blocks more noise than a condo.

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More privacy

Condos are built close to one another, thus allowing for more noise to travel in and out of the home. A house, however, has more space away from one another. Go ahead, turn that music up!

Not as many stairs

Most condo developments don’t have elevator access, so if you’re not on the first floor, be prepared to carry your beach toys up some stairs! Some beach homes have stairs leading to the front door, but there are fewer stairs to climb going to and from the beach.

More storage

Homes have more storage for your belongings. Closets, units, and garages are in some homes. These areas are perfect for storing boogie boards, umbrellas, and chairs. Condos, on the other hand, don’t have a lot of storage space like this. Homes can hold more things!

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Better parking

When you first arrive at the beach, you have a lot of stuff to unpack…and it’s best to be close to the house when you do. It’s easier to unload because you’ll have a shorter distance to travel compared to a condo. A condo has lots of stairs and a locked door that’s difficult to enter. Unload quicker and head to the beach faster by renting a home!

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