25 Best Tips for the Perfect Day at the Beach

With the proper preparation, you can have a great day(s) at the beach. Below are twenty-five (25) of the best tips for a day at the beach.


First and most importantly, you should drink water. It’s amazing how fast your body releases fluids. So do yourself a BIG favor and drink up!

Bring extra towels

Not only is it great to have a few spares, but it’s also great to have a dry towel when you really need it. There’s nothing quite like a fluff towel to dry off with.

beach views

Bring shade

An umbrella, a tent, or a Shibumi Shade all are great options for shade when on the beach.

Bring a cooler

In our opinion, the bigger the cooler, the better. Fill it with ice, drinks, and snacks, for a cool hydration break.

Use the right sunscreen

According to Consumer Reports, Coppertone Ultra Guard Lotion SPF 70 Sunscreen is the best to use at the beach.

Coppertone UltraGuard Sunscreen Lotion SPF 70+ 8 oz

Use a polaroid camera

Polaroid cameras still have a place in this digital world. They can snap an image in the moment for a lifetime of memories.

Bring a misting fan

If you can’t or don’t want to hop in the salty water, then bring a personal handheld misting fan for when you need to cool off!

Use baby powder to stop sand from sticking

Did you know baby powder helps keep sand from sticking to your body? Apply in areas where sand shouldn’t be.

Reusable wine pouches

These wine pouches are perfect when you don’t want to bring a fragile glass bottle on the beach with you. Keep it in the cooler with your other drinks!

Reusable wine pouches

Go to the beach at the best time

For some, the cooler weather is better. For others, the warm weather is better. You have to pick what’s best for you. If you like the best of both worlds, then consider going between February and April for the prettiest weather.

Know where to park

If you’re driving from another city, knowing where to park is crucial to a successful day at the beach. Look up beach access points on Google Maps to find the best places to park that are close to the beach.

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Bring a Bluetooth speaker

Bonus points to you if it’s waterproof, too! Jam to your favorite tunes all day long.

Be early

Claim your stake by scoping out the best place on the beach before others arrive. If you can’t stay when you get there, then leave chairs and come back later.

Bring bug repellant

The bugs can get bad at the beach, especially without wind. Seek out bug repellant containing 25% or less deet — or better yet, deet-free.

Bring a cozy sweatshirt

Prepare to get cozy with a snuggly sweatshirt when the sun goes down. The breeze can be quite chilly!

Classic Crewneck Sweatshirts

Bring the right snacks

Having something to snack on is the goal when on the beach. Consider nuts, puree fruit strips, or veggies for a healthy option.

Coconut oil for your hair

Use virgin coconut oil to rehydrate your hair after a long day in the sun.

Flushable wipes

If the public restroom situation is not ideal, then bring your own flushable wipes when going to the bathroom.

Bring beach games

The best beach games are cornhole, spikeball, and bocce ball. Have fun with friends by creating a tournament!

Use a wagon

If you have a kid or just a lot of extra things you bring along to the beach, then consider using a wagon for your belongings. It makes hauling things a breeze (pun intended).

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Use a large beach mat instead of a towel

A large waterproof and sandproof mat may be what you need when laying on the beach. Towels get too sandy and are generally too small.

Oversized Lightweight Beach Mat

Use a bedsheet on the beach

If a large mat isn’t your style, then consider buying a few bed sheets for time on the beach. Shake off the sand and head home when you’re done!

Use a microfiber towel

Microfiber cloths are super absorbent and great for getting sand and seawater off after a dip.

Put your cellphone in a plastic baggie

Don’t let them be damaged by the sun, sand, or water!

Bring a favorite book

Last, but not least, bring your favorite book to the beach for some easy summertime reading.

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