Oceanfront Versus Beachfront: What’s the Difference Between the Them?

The difference between “oceanfront” and “beachfront” can be confusing for some people.

Below is a description of what the two mean and the best option for you and your family and/or friends.

Description of oceanfront and beachfront

oceanview home


Oceanfront refers to condos that have views of the ocean without direct access to the beach.


Beachfront condos and homes have direct access to the beach from the home via either stairs, a path, or a walkway. A beachfront condo is usually on the first floor so it can access the sand and water. All homes on the beach are considered “beachfront” because you can access the ocean from the back door.

The benefits of oceanfront and beachfront


If you’re on a higher floor of a condo, you can see extensive views of the beach both up the shore and out to see. If you enjoy seeing storms roll in, being higher up in a condo may be for you.

It’s also a benefit because you don’t run the risk of people walking up to your place of residence. This protects you for theft or awkward moments.


For obvious reasons, being on the beach with easy access is a wonderful thing. Go out and in whenever you please for as long or as short as you desire, easily carry your items to and from the beach without much effort, rinse off before bringing sand into the home, and avoid stairs (in some cases).

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The pros/cons of oceanfront and beachfront

Oceanfront pros

  • Better views of the sea and sky
  • Can see sunrises/sunsets better
  • More privacy
  • Less noise

Oceanfront cons

  • Can’t walk straight to the beach
  • Can lose items off the balcony (if high up)
  • Can’t hear the waves at the beach (depending on how far away you are)

Beachfront pros

  • Can walk straight on to the beach
  • Flexible times to the beach
  • May not have to rent a chair and umbrella
  • All your beach items are easily accessible

Beachfront cons

  • Less privacy than if you were on the second floor of a condo
  • May hear more noise from those on the beach or beside you in other houses or rooms

Is oceanfront or beachfront better for you?

Deciding the best place for you to rent can feel daunting sometimes. Do you rent a condo or a home? Do you rent a beachfront or second row? How long do you stay? What do you bring? Here are a few things to consider when deciding where to rent:

Will you bring kids?

This plays into the decision because kids tend to love the beach, so beachfront may be the better decision. You’ll have to take fewer or shorter trips if you’re on the beach as well. The noise on an oceanfront, however, can impede on naptime for kids.

Will you be on the beach a lot?

Some families tend to spend more time in town than on the beach. If this is the case, then consider an oceanfront spot.

If you plan to be on the beach a lot, however, then look into renting a vacation home that has beach access.

Do you love nature views?

A condo that’s high up offers spectacular views of the ocean, sky, birds, sunrises, and sunsets. If you prefer to read on the porch while looking over the ocean, then consider an oceanfront spot.

Rent a beachfront spot if you want to be on the beach more than sitting on a porch.

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