11 Reasons Why Renting a Beach Home is Better Than a Condo or Hotel

When considering where to stay the week while on a beach vacation, you have a few options: a house, condo, hotel, camper, or tent. Below are a few reasons why it’s best to rent a home for your vacation beach trip over a hotel or condo.

1. Everyone can stay together

Hotels and condos can be small and not everyone can stay in one room. With a house, however, you have a place for everyone to come together for the vacation. If it’s a family trip, there’s room for the kids to bring a friend to stay, too!

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2. Easy access for your friends or guests

Friends and guests have an easier time coming to your place to hang out. Instead of having to park far away or in a parking deck of a condo, they can park near or right below the home. And instead of needing a key entry for a hotel, guests can walk right in (if they’re invited, of course).

3. Saves money

The money you save by renting a home can add up significantly. A hotel room in Hilton Head Island, SC, for example, ranges from $180-$250 a night while a home ranges from $130-$200.

Now, this doesn’t take into consideration the added amenities you have access to. In most cases, you at least have easy parking, a living space, a kitchen, and added privacy in a home.

4. More privacy

Speaking of privacy, staying in a vacation home is better because you don’t have to hear your neighbors through the wall in the afternoon when trying to take a nap — or worse — when you’re trying to sleep at night. A vacation home is usually at a distance from (hopefully) well-meaning neighbors.

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5. Easy access to laundry (and free!)

Many beach vacation homes have a washer and dryer in the home so you don’t have to go far for laundry. And the best part? It’s free! You won’t need to lug your dirty and wet clothing across the courtyard to the laundry area.

6. Easy and close parking

Some condos have close parking, but most hotels requiring parking in a large lot that’s at least 100-300 feet away. This makes it very hard to unload your luggage.

A beach vacation home, however, usually has parking very close to the house. Unload quickly and get to the beach faster with less effort!

7. Cook like a chef

A vacation home has a kitchen with all the needed appliances for a delicious dinner: fridge, oven, stovetop, and microwave. Make cleanup easier with a dishwasher, too! Usually, hotels only have a microwave, so your only option is to eat out, which costs more money.

8. Bring the pets

You may have to put a deposit down for the cleaning after your pet, but at least you can bring them. Many hotels don’t allow pets at all. Maybe you’ll get lucky and won’t need to pay anything at all to bring fluffy with you!

9. More space

Arguably the best benefit of staying in a vacation beach home is the added space. You simply get more square footage than you do in a condo or hotel. Not to mention, private outside space and possibly a porch!

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10. Have a livingroom space

As a sub point to the one above, you get a living room area for activities. Family game night, movies, reading, eating, or simply being together are benefits to staying in a home. Hotel rooms don’t have living rooms.

11. A unique stay experience

Hotels are all the same: Beds, TV, bathroom, and a window. There are not many interesting things about the room.

A beach vacation home, however, can be part of the fun! Find a unique place to live and soak up as much of the home as you can.

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