7 Tips for Chartering a Plane to Hilton Head [with kids]

Hilton Head Island has quickly become one of the most popular luxury destination vacations in the United States. People come from all over to enjoy the white, sugary beaches, amazing golf and indulge in amazing culinary creations.

Traveling by vehicle to Hilton Head’s 6 Iron Clad, especially when children are involved, there are several challenges. As a parent, you will need to consider planned out bathroom visits, stops for snacks, and the possibility of running into massive amounts of traffic.

Due to the intricacies of traveling on the ground, many parents have begun looking into chartering a private plane. The personalized comfort helps to eliminate many travel concerns and obstacles you may encounter traveling by car. Plus, kids receive the exact same VIP treatment! Therefore, parents are allowed the comfort of relaxing after the stress of packing up for your vacation to Hilton Head Island.

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Planning your first trip via chartering a private plane may seem a little overwhelming, but the following can help alleviate some of that stress.

Prepare Your Kids for Flight

Private air travel is remarkably different from commercial air travel. It is best to prepare your child(ren) for what to expect through their chartered plane experience. If this is your child’s first time flying you may want to go over what type of experience they should expect upon first boarding their flight, and what is checked when going through security.

When you get on board your craft, everyone should take a tour of the vessel. Talk with your child about what take-off and landing will feel like. Also, allowing your child to have the window seat so they can have a great view may help relieve a little of the anxiety he/she may be feeling.

Another good item to touch on is etiquette while flying. The two main ones to touch on are: no cell phone use during take-off and staying seated and buckled until the Captain gives permission to move around.

Extra Storage for Flight to HHI

As a parent you know going on even the shortest expedition with your baby can seem as though you are packing for months. It is almost as though the smaller the child, the more room all of their accessories take up. If you are packing a pack-n-play, stroller or car seat, they will take up a lot of space in the storage area. Double-check with the staff to make sure there is going to be plenty of room for everything you need to pack. Also, make sure you have access to anything you may need on-hand for your child throughout your flight.

Sliding Window Departure to Hilton Head Island

One of the best parts about chartering your own plane is having control over what time you take off.  However, if you are running too late, there is a possibility you may have to change your flight to another day. Many chartered planes offer more than one flight per day. Therefore, they need to ensure proper arrival for their next flight. In addition to being timely, the pilot needs to get their mandatory rest before their next lift-off.

It is possible to schedule a sliding departure window to guarantee your flight to Hilton Head Island. This means, if your departure window is between 2 pm and 4 pm, you can arrive anytime within this frame and be fine for taking off. If you are a parent, you know the difficulties of getting anywhere on time. With this sliding departure window, you are almost guaranteed to always make your flight.

Pack Plenty of Beach Snacks

Another glorious thing about chartering your own plane to Hilton Head Island, you can send in special snack requests to your aircraft crew. Sending in your snack requests in advance will give you one less thing to stress about. You are advised to think about your child’s favorite snacks and make sure there are plenty on hand. Keeping your child happy during the flight may help to ensure a peaceful trip.

In-flight Entertainment

As a parent, you have probably taken your child(ren) on a long trip before and you are aware of the magic behind a DVD player or access to video games. Not only do these forms of entertainment help to keep your child engaged, but they also provide the parents with some much-needed downtime. Or if the parents are so inclined, they can join in on the video game fun.

Teenagers, in particular, will probably enjoy chartering a plane more than most. Not only are the screens in a chartered private plane typically larger and there are more outlets, but they also gain some “cool” points at school. This should help to keep your teenager content while on vacation with their family.

Backup Plan - HHI Flight

Yes, most people, young and old, are going to enjoy the idea of chartering your own plane. After all, is there a more luxurious way to travel? More than likely, no. It is probably the most glamorous way to travel to Hilton Head Island to spend the week at one of the most extravagant places in South Carolina.

However, if this is your child’s first flight experience they may not be as excited. You may want to consider packing extra nausea medicine or bubble gum to assist with popping ears. Also, make sure your child has access to his/her favorite stuffed animal or blanket.

Flying Into Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island Airport allows you to enjoy all of the luxuries of a big city without the hassle of a big city airport. Here, you can relish in the fact that there is no traffic, parking is quick and easy, and the airport is easy to maneuver through. When you fly into Hilton Head Island Airport, you are only a short 15 minute drive to 6 Iron Clad.

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